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  Top Questions from First Time Cruisers  

Top Questions about Cruising

  1. Is cruising expensive?  In comparison to a land-based vacation, cruises are quite affordable.  The initial upfront cost might be a shock but remember, your cruise fare includes your accommodations, meals in main dining venues, activities and nighttime entertainment.
  2. Are cruises all-inclusive?  No.  your cruise fare includes a lot but you do have to pay extra for premium restaurants, some coffees and ice cream bars, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, shore excursions, spa treatments and gratuities.
  3. Are all cruise lines alike? Cruise ships come in a variety of sizes and personalities.  To choose the right cruise ship that fits the style of vacation you like, research them online or talk to your travel specialist.
  4. Isn’t Cruising for the "Newly Wed or Nearly Dead?  It used to be, but no way now.  Cruise lines are targeting families, multi-generation families, single friends.  Also, health-conscious and active people are attracted to cruises now because of fitness centers, rock climbing, Pilates classes and healthy choice meals.
  5. Will I get bored?  No way, you need a daily itinerary to list out all of the activities you can do for the next day.  Classes, sports activities, wading in the pool, sun bathing, shopping, spa treatments, participate in contests, do crafts, watch movies all can be done while on board.  Not to mention, shore excursions at port destinations.
  6. Will I get sick or seasick?  In recent news, there has been an outbreak of Norovirus, which is a stomach virus that spread in confined areas like hospitals, schools and ships.  There are many cases of this virus on land but publicized more when it happens on a confined ship.  As for seasickness, most ships are so big and well stabilized that you can hardly tell you’re moving.  If there is rough water, there are over the counter medication like Dramamine and Bonine that you can take, or a Transderm patch prescribed by a doctor.
  7. Can I Stay in Touch?  On most ships, you get CNN or some other cable news network on your in-room TV.  Phone calls are relatively expensive from your cabin and from your cell phone as well (Roaming charges apply).   Most ships have internet centers and shipboard WIFI so you can read your e-mail and surf the web.  All of these services have costs associated with it so it is best to restrict your access for budget reasons.