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  Visit Skagway, one of the highlights of your Alaskan cruise  

Alaska is one of the popular cruise destinations today, behind Caribbean cruises.     No, it’s not a cruise that you can lay out on white sands beach like in the Bahamas or Hawaii. 

What you do get is a vacation full of picturesque snow-capped mountains, forests as a far as your eyes can see, clear calm water close to land on both sides, quaint shops and cafes,  wildlife that you can see from the ship and close to town, historical train rides, hiking trails, whale watching, salmon fishing, ziplines, and most of all, see large ice glacier formations that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Skagway will most likely be one of the ports you will be visiting on your Alaskan cruise.  It ranks as one of Alaska’s most popular ports. 

At the Skagway port, you can walk along the old western town of Skagway. It is full of jewelry stores, quaint shops,  cafes and micro-breweries.

Don’t miss the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad.  It’s a 3 hour round trip. The tracks wind around granite mountains, trundles across steep gorges and passes through tunnels.  It can include lunch and a date with some sled puppies.  Experience history by seeing how the old prospectors searched for gold and how they lived. 

After you get back from your train ride, stop by in town for some fish and chips, smoked salmon and a glass of beer at the local brewery.  It will be one of the highlights of your cruise!!